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    The undersigned company representative authorizes Paragon International, Inc. (Paragon) to make the necessary inquires with the above named sources to open an account. You agree that payments will be made within the terms stated on our invoice(s) and that unpaid balances thirty (30) days or older will be considered “past due”. These past due balances will be assessed a finance charge of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month, annual percentage rate eighteen percent (18%). You agree to pay any legal or collection fees necessary to collect monies due. The Applicant for credit acknowledges that the Credit application will be processed in Alachua County, Florida and consents to venue and personal jurisdiction in Alachua County, Florida in the event a dispute should arise on an open account established with Paragon; By endorsing this agreement below, you expressly agree that all purchases from Paragon are governed by Paragon’s standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (which will be made available to you at the initiation of this agreement and then periodically for updates) and you agree to be bound by those Terms and Conditions of Sale regardless of any additional or different terms that may be contained in any documents you submit to Paragon, including a purchase order.

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